Sunday, February 1, 2015

Ngoc Lan, the Lyricist

We all know what a tremendous singer our beloved Ngoc Lan was, but did any of you know what a talented lyricist she was, as well?

The first time I had heard some of Ngoc Lan's works as a lyricist was on her album, Nguoi Yeu Dau.  Like many others, I was deeply enchanted with the song, Hoi Nguoi Tinh.  Recently, singer Thanh Ha had pointed out that this had been one of her favorite songs and that although the song was not originally a Vietnamese composition, the lyrics are so well written that it seems like an original Vietnamese song.  I'd have to agree with Thanh Ha.  On this same album, Ngoc Lan had also penned the lyrics to two other songs, Tinh Nhu Giac Mo and Nguoi.  

Through the years, Ngoc Lan has penned the Vietnamese lyrics to many other French and Chinese tunes.  One of my favorites is Ngay Vui Nam Ay (Magic Boulevard).  I like how in particular Ngoc Lan doesn't try to literally translate the song into Vietnamese lyrics, but gives it a story of her own.  The same was done with Mua He Nam Ay.  However, in her album, L'amour Tinh Ta, Ngoc Lan did write Vietnamese lyrics to several French songs that were quite literal in translation, yet also turned out to sound quite poetic and meaningful.  I particularly liked Tat Ca Cho Anh (Vivre Pour Toi, Mourir Pour Toi), Con Mai (Encore), and Dung Xa Nhau (Ne Laisses Pas Ma Vie Sans Toi).

Ngoc Lan's lyrics are quite heart wrenching and usually tell a story of either unrequited or lost loves.
That gives me the impression that perhaps she was a very sentimental person who had experienced quite a bit of sadness in her personal life.  What are some of your favorite songs written by Ngoc Lan?

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