Friday, February 13, 2015

Ngoc Lan Vs. Cam Ly

Many people have taken notice of the similarities between the voices of Ngoc Lan and Cam Ly.  I must admit there are indeed similarities between the two of them.  I especially like Cam Ly's version of Nang Chieu.  There's a timber in Cam Ly's voice that is quite reminiscent of Ngoc Lan's.  I've never met Cam Ly in person to ask her what she thinks of Ngoc Lan.  I'm sure Ngoc Lan must be one of her idols for Cam Ly to sound so much like her at times.

Cam Ly has certainly become one of the most popular singers of Vietnam today.  But can she replace Ngoc Lan?  I don't think so.  Ngoc Lan will always be my idol.  For those who idolize Ngoc Lan as much as I do, I'm sure they would feel the same.  

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