Saturday, January 24, 2015

Author's Selection of Ngoc Lan's 5 Best Music Videos

Just like every fan of Ngoc Lan's, I immensely enjoy watching her music videos for obvious reasons.  Not only did Ngoc Lan have a beautiful voice, she was also extremely beautiful.  There was something about her that the camera just loved.  She had a certain charm about her that made her videos really likable.

Here are the five videos I've selected as my favorites of Ngoc Lan's.  It was really difficult to narrow down to just five.  Also, I couldn't decide which one was my absolute favorite, so these five videos are listed in no particular order.  Share with me which are your favorite Ngoc Lan videos.

1.  Khi Co Chang (Je Ne Suis Que de L'amour):  In this video, Ngoc Lan displays her acting abilities.  Just when she's crying, everybody watching just cries with her.  She looked beautiful in every scene.  I really liked her choice of wardrobes in this video.

2.  Doi Cho:  This is a personal favorite.  Or shall I say, a guilty pleasure?  I loved this video for its cornyness.  The storyline really doesn't make sense.  But it's just too delicious to pass up, watching Ngoc Lan dance in the studio, in the lake, as well as on the ramp of some building.  I've always wondered what would Jeanne Mas think if she ever saw this video of Ngoc Lan's rendition to her hit song, Johnny, Johnny.

3.  Joe Le Taxi:  Ngoc Lan looked so sexy in shorts dancing with dancers on the Hollywood Night stage.  This is a fun song.  She certainly looked like she had fun making this video.

4.  Mua He Nam Ay:  I must say Ngoc Lan had great taste when it came to fashion.  I loved the blue evening gown she wore on this music video.  And how the production crew came up with the special effects at the end of the song with Ngoc Lan disappearing into thin air was just genius.  I wonder if members in the live audience were able to enjoy this special effect, as well.

5.  Mua Thu Ru Em (Autumn Lullaby):  As with most other songs written by Duc Huy that Ngoc Lan had recorded, her vocals with this song is nothing short of fantastic.  As for the music video she had made for this song, I'd have to say this was probably the most artistic out of all of Ngoc Lan's music videos ever.  I especially liked how natural she looked.  Despite how she was not dressed in a glamorous evening gown, her natural beauty made her even more radiant.  I'd say this was the best music video on her second solo music videotape, Mat Troi Ben Kia Mua Ha (Sunny on the Other Side).

Well, there you have it.  Those are my five favorite Ngoc Lan videos.  Which ones are your favorites?

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