Friday, September 12, 2014

Was Ngoc Lan Aware of Her Destiny?

I've watched this interview over and over again.  It's rather haunting, I might say.  When actor Tran Quang asked her what she would do if she were to one day get married and her husband would oppose to her continuing with her singing career, Ngoc Lan answers at first by saying that she would find a way to persuade him by begging him.  Then when Tran Quang continues by persistently asking her, what if he still would not allow her to continue singing?  Ngoc Lan's answer was that she would probably die if she couldn't continue to sing. 

This interview was featured on the Hollywood Night music video series produced by May Productions.  At the time of this interview was after when she discovered that she had been stricken with the incurable disease, multiple sclerosis, in 1992.  I wonder if this was her way of reaching out to her audience about her illness.   

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