Sunday, August 31, 2014

"Tinh Gan" Ngoc Lan's 5th Solo Studio Album

Ngoc Lan's fifth solo album was released during the same year with another major release from May Productions, Nhu Em Da Yeu Anh, which was her first solo music videotape.  At this point in her career, Ngoc Lan could do no wrong.  Her career had reached a level of such high success that no other overseas Vietnamese performer had ever even come close to.  With the extreme success in sales of May Productions' first audio release, which was Ngoc Lan's fourth solo studio album, Tinh Xanh, paired with Ngoc Lan's first solo music videotape, it is only fair to say May Productions had been launched as a major music production label from Ngoc Lan.  From this point on, Ngoc Lan's name became permanently linked with May Productions. 

From an artistic point of view, this album, much like Tinh Xanh, also lacked the level of excitement found in her earlier solo releases.  Although the quality was there, the selection of songs was rather mundane except for two out of the twelve total tracks, two newly written songs from Vietnamese songwriter and composer, Duc Huy; Nguoi Tinh Tram Nam and Tieng Mua Dem.  Both of these songs had never been recorded before by any other overseas Vietnamese artist and would first be introduced to Vietnamese audiences upon the release of this album.  The extreme success of these two songs penned by Duc Huy really came about as no surprise.  Afterall, what better choice could Duc Huy have chosen than to have Ngoc Lan's voice to be the first recorded for these two songs?  In addition, the popularity of Tieng Mua Dem had been given quite a boost as Ngoc Lan had also chosen to make a beautiful music video to this song featured on her first solo music videotape, Nhu Em Da Yeu Anh.

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