Sunday, August 17, 2014

Responding to Reader's Request from "Wasn't She Beautiful?"

First off, here's another beautiful photograph of Ngoc Lan......

And another.....

And another......

Okay, one last one..... It's been posted before, but I just love how she looks here.

Now let's get to responding to a recent request from a reader of who after reading our last post, "Wasn't She Beautiful?", wanted to know what the following lovely ladies that were listed in the ranks of being among the most beautiful Vietnamese women of all time looked like.  Of the names mentioned on that last post, there were film actress Tham Thuy Hang, stage and film actress Thanh Nga, singer and actress Thanh Lan, singers Y Lan, Ai Van, Luu Bich, Loan Chau, Nhat Ha, Thanh Ha, and model Thanh Hang.  Here are the following photos of these beautiful women in response to a request from one of our readers.  See how our own Ngoc Lan measures up to these beautiful ladies.  Thanks for sending us your request.

Tham Thuy Hang - Legendary Vietnamese Film Actress

Thanh Lan

Thanh Lan - Vietnamese Pop Music Singer and Film Actress
Y Lan - Overseas Vietnamese Singer

Ai Van - Vietnamese Singer

Thanh Hang - Overseas Vietnamese Model

Loan Chau - Overseas Vietnamese Singer

Nhat Ha - Overseas Vietnamese Singer and Model

Thanh Ha - Overseas Vietnamese Amerasian Pop Singer

Luu Bich - Overseas Vietnamese Pop Singer

Thanh Nga - The Late Vietnamese Actress of Stage and Films


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