Thursday, August 28, 2014

Ngoc Lan 1rst Solo Videotape

"Nhu Em Da Yeu Anh" - 1rst Solo Music Videotape of Ngoc Lan

                                                                                           May Productions Video 1

Ngoc Lan entered the 1990s decade with a bang.  Her first solo music videotape was released by May Productions in the beginning of the year and sales went through the roof.  Never before had any solo music videotape by any other Vietnamese artist been so widely received in Vietnamese music industry.  The release of this solo music videotape not only put Ngoc Lan at the top of her game, making her a certified superstar, it also revolutionized productions of music video within the Vietnamese music industry.  What is there to say about this videotape besides that it was simply a visual feast?  From beginning to end in all five music videos, Ngoc Lan looked incredibly beautiful.  Despite that these music videos are now over 20 years old, I still enjoy watching them over and over again to this day.  For die hard fans of Ngoc Lan, this videotape is the ultimate celebration of Ngoc Lan in all her glory at the peak of her career.  But for even those who may not be major Ngoc Lan fans, the high quality in the production of this videotape cannot go unnoticed.  "Nhu Em Da Yeu Anh" is a masterpiece of Vietnamese music video production. 

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