Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Ngoc Lan Remembered Author's Response to Viewers

There were 2 private messages I received recently in references to my posts, "Ngoc Lan Biography Parts 1-3", and "The Most Beautiful Photos of Ngoc Lan" that I'd like to respond to. The first one was a message from a viewer in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma who after reading my biography on Ngoc Lan wanted to point out that I had left out one specific detail about her life. And that was the fact that Ngoc Lan had experienced going through a divorce toward the end of her life from her marriage to Kelvin Khoa. Well, I'd like to respond by saying that I was fully aware of that fact and purposely had not mentioned it when I wrote the biography. I am quite fond of Kelvin Khoa, both as a musician and as a human being. Since her passing, it has also been known within the community of overseas Vietnamese entertainers that their marriage had only ended in divorce on paper for Ngoc Lan's benefit. But whatever were their reasons for filing for divorce a year prior to her death is really nobody's business. I must say one thing though. And that is, everyone who had attended Ngoc Lan's funeral will all agree with me that Kelvin Khoa was one very devoted husband to his wife and obviously loved her very much. He was clearly in complete remorse. The other message came from a viewer in San Jose, California who had written to me in response to a comment I had posted about Ngoc Lan's natural beauty. This viewer insisted that she knew for a fact that Ngoc Lan had gone under the knife quite a few times in her life and even listed specifically all the procedures ranging from an eyetuck, a nose job, tattooing of her eyebrows to breast implants. My response to that is, really! Ngoc Lan was my friend. From what I know of her is that she was one very beautiful woman. I never asked if she had ever had cosmetic surgery and frankly, I don't care. Many women have had cosmetic procedures done to enhance their looks. Among entertainers, it's even more prevalent. What's the big deal? And whose business is it, anyway?

But what I really found annoying from this viewer's message was how she had criticized me for having complimented Ngoc Lan for having natural beauty. To me, Ngoc Lan was indeed quite beautiful naturally. From the photos I've seen of her back when she was just a young girl up until the time she had become a famous singer, she was always beautiful. My purpose of creating this blog, afterall, was to celebrate Ngoc Lan as the beautiful singer we all knew and love, and not to discredit her in anyway.

                                                             Thien Phu

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