Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A Smile That Could Light Up a Room

When it came to Ngoc Lan's beauty, many have said that it was her eyes that were most mesmerizing. Yes, I'll agree. She did have beautiful eyes. Very sad eyes. At times while facing her and looking into her eyes, I felt as if I was being hypnotized with her somber pair of eyes. I can understand why so many people have felt that way about her eyes. They were quite exquisite, and even bewitching.
To others it would be her hair. I loved how Ngoc Lan kept her hair long. Whether she had it straight, or permed, Ngoc Lan's hair was always silky and flowing, with lots of healthy volume. I can tell you this. When you have hair like Ngoc Lan had, it's hard to ever have a bad hair day.
But I personally found her smile to be her best feature. I loved her smile, which makes me wonder why she rarely smiled on any of her album covers. I asked her that once, and her reply was that the photographs were not always her selection for her album covers and since she primarily sang sad love songs, her producers felt it seemed more fitting to choose those photographs of her not smiling instead. That's a shame, because there was a warmth to her smile I found rather charming. When she smiled, her whole face would sparkle. And those sad, beautiful eyes would look happy as they would smile along with her. Whether anyone knew her or not, upon meeting her right at the moment when she greets you with a flash of her dazzling, pearly whites, you're then overtaken by Ngoc Lan instantaneously. She really did have a smile that could light up a room.

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