Monday, July 14, 2014

Just a Couple of Fun Facts About Ngoc Lan

I was reading some of the facts about Ngoc Lan on, and not to discredit the site, because I really do think it is a fantastic site, but some of the things I read were somewhat, in my opinion, debatable. Well, it turns out there were some interesting facts about Ngoc Lan, many of which I hadn't any knowledge of at all. Take for example, some of her favorite foods. Well, now that I think about it, during my friendship with her, we only ate at Vietnamese restaurants together. And everytime we did go out to grab a bite, she always had to have her absolute favorite dish,"bun oc", a Vietnamese soup dish made with noodles and snails. I remember on one particular occasion when we had spent all day together shopping to look for costumes, she had "bun oc" for both lunch and dinner, despite the fact that it was two different Vietnamese restaurants that we had gone to. That was when she told me that "bun oc" has always been her favorite since she was a child, and that she could eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday and never get tired of it. Well, somehow "bun oc" wasn't even mentioned among her favorite foods on Hmmmmm? Another fact I read on I felt was rather debatable was how it had listed Ngoc Lan as being five feet three inches tall. Well, that I must dispute. One of the things I remember clearly when I first met her was how tiny she was. Vietnamese women are petite to begin with. But Ngoc Lan would even be considered petite by Vietnamese standards, as she was even tinier than your typical Vietnamese petite woman. I remember once when she stood next to my mother, who is only stands 5 feet one inch, Ngoc Lan barely reached my mother's forehead. Ngoc Lan once gave my mother a jumpsuit outfit of hers as a gift. My mother was delighted by how sweet Ngoc Lan was for being so generous and politely accepted the gift, despite that she would later find out that the legs for the jumpsuit were too short for her to wear. It makes me wonder if Ngoc Lan had wanted the public to think she was taller than she really was, and therefore, that same information about her being 5 ft. 3 inches tall would be given to our friends at That probably would be the most logical explanation for this erroneous tidbit of information from the site about our beloved Ngoc Lan. But other than these two very minor details, is one really awesome site. After my many visits and revisits to, I would say the entire site from beginning to end is a heart-wrenching, true labor of love from Ngoc Lan's most devoted fans.

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