Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Ngoc Lan Remembered Pinterest Board

As I've introduced to you prior to this post, aside from, I have set up other pages in lieu of this blog such as our Ngoc Lan Remembered Facebook page and an article I've written about Ngoc Lan's life entitled as Ngoc Lan Remembered featured on HubPages.  Now I'd like to introduce to you a board I have created on Pinterest also simply called Ngoc Lan Remembered.  As with all of these sites and pages that have been created, Ngoc Lan Remembered on Pinterest includes a collection of beautiful photographs, data and music videos of Ngoc Lan.  Ever since the board was created, we've been blessed to have had a total of nearly 100 followers.  Check out the board for yourself and tell us what you think.  We appreciate and welcome all those interested in following the board. 

Ngoc Lan Remembered on Pinterest

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