Thursday, October 30, 2014

Lam Thuy Van Vs. Ngoc Lan

Ever since Lam Thuy Van has been in the spotlight, many people have unfairly compared her to Ngoc Lan.  Is it because they look alike?  In several pictures, I'll say that is the case.  Is it because they sound alike?  In several songs, there is a similarity in their voices.  I thought so at first.  But I must say Lam Thuy Van definitely has come up with a sound of her own.  She also has a unique style which is why she has lasted in the business.  I like both Ngoc Lan and Lam Thuy Van.  The more I have listened to Lam Thuy Van, I've discovered the more I like her.

Let's take an example, one song the both of them have recorded, Ngay Vui Nam Ay.  At first, I thought, how could Lam Thuy Van even compare to Ngoc Lan?  Among Vietnamese singers, this is definitely Ngoc Lan's song.  But the closer I listened to Lam Thuy Van's voice, there is a certain timber in her voice that Ngoc Lan does not have.  Lam Thuy Van sounds as if she is talking to us, telling us a story, an entirely different approach than Ngoc Lan had done in this song.  It wasn't until I saw Lam Thuy Van perform live that I really started to become her fan.  She's mesmerizing on stage.

As for her appearance, Lam Thuy Van has this exotic look about her.  After all, she is part-Pakistani, part-Vietnamese, how exotic is that?  Lam Thuy Van is absolutely gorgeous.  Her looks are not in any way comparable to that of Ngoc Lan or anyone else I've seen.  Although Ngoc Lan was very beautiful, she was never as striking as Lam Thuy Van.

Which of these two lovely ladies do I prefer?  None, I'd say.  I love them both.  Ngoc Lan was a legend, irreplaceable in my opinion.  But Lam Thuy Van is in a class all by herself.  Can she ever replace Ngoc Lan?  Of course, not.  But she doesn't need to.  She's Lam Thuy Van.  No one can ever replace Lam Thuy Van, either.  


  1. Amen to that! Even LTV admitted that Ngoc Lan is her idol. We totally shouldn't compared these two wonderful ladies. As you mentioned Ngay Vui Nam Ay, you should compare her solo version (early 90s) and her duet with Don Ho to notice her big improvements..

    1. Right on, Phong Nguyen. I adore them both. I've been fortunate to become friends with the both of them, Ngoc Lan to a greater extent, of course. I have sent Lam Thuy Van this article, I have yet to hear feedback from her. But I am sure she will. She is good about things like this.